Thursday P3-P5 with Alana

23rd March

Hello!! Today we revised food vocabulary. The children are now able to remember different types of food and match them to the correct colour. We then listened to a fun song which had different actions. It was a lot of fun!!

Thursday 16th March

Hello! Today we had open doors! The children were all very excited and you all sang the song beautifully. We then played the fun game with Mr Caterpillar and ended the class with big smiles! See you all next week

Thursday 9th March

Hello everyone!! Today we had a lot of fun. We revised the food vocabulary that we have been learning and then practiced our song. The children love singing the song and we are very excited to show you next week at Open Doors!! Have a great weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you […]

Thursday 2nd March

Hello!! On Thursday we revised the food vocabulary we have been learning. We then played a fun game of `find Mr Caterpillar´. We ended the class with the new song we have been learning. Here is the link if you would like to practice it at home

Thursday 16th February

Hello! Today we started the class with a fun game of hide & seek. Claudia had brought in her pink monster so we had to find the monster around the class – the children loved this! We then finished our `The Very Hungry Caterpillar´ books. We are excited to show you them! Have a great […]

2nd February

Hello!! Today we continued with our topic `The very hungry caterpillar´. We revised the numbers and fruits and then we start our Caterpillar books. Today we completed the pages `apple´ and `pears´. Have a nice weekend everyone and see you next week

19th January

19th January

Hello!! Today we introduced our new topic `The very hungry caterpillar´. We revised some of the food he eats and then played a game `food & counting´. We then had fun feeding the caterpillar the food – he was very hungry today! Next week we will be reading the story together See you next week!!

Alana – 1st December

Alana – 1st December

Hello!! Today we revised our vocabulary from Goldilocks and the three bears. We then learned BIG and small – using different objects around the class. We then listened to a fun song about things that are big and small. Below is the song if you want to practice it at home – we will also […]

24th November

24th November

Hello!! Today we continued with our topic `Goldilocks and the three bears´. We revised our new vocabulary `daddy bear, mommy bear, baby bear and Goldilocks´ and then we coloured in our own bears and Goldilocks, which we will be using in class. We then watched the story of Goldilocks and the bears. Here is the […]

November 10th/17th

Hello!! The last two weeks we have been practicing our colours – we have now also learned: yellow lemon, orange juice and black hat. We have been using these colours to find objects around the classroom. Last lesson we read `Goldilocks and the three bears´ we learned the new vocabulary – daddy bear, mommy bear […]