Thursday P3-P5 with Alana

Thursday 15th June

Hello everyone!! Thank you to all the parents who came to the open doors. We really enjoyed showing you want we have been learning this term. The links to songs we sang our below! I hope you all have a great summer and I hope to see you all next year!!

Thursday 18th

Hello!! Today we revised our safari animals from last lesson. We played the `banana´ game again and the children really enjoyed acting out the different animals. We then read a story about the jungle and finished the class with a game called `sleeping lions´. See you all next week


Hello!! The start of this month we have revised the vocabulary from last term. Last week we introduced `safari´animals. The children loved playing the banana game and acting out each animal. We will continue with these theme next lesson. I hope you´ve all practiced your monkey impression

27th April

Hello!! Today we started the class with some revision of animals from last term. We played a fun game called `In the jungle´. We then tried to remember the names of all the different animals by using play dough – the children loved being creative! See you all next week!!

20th April

Welcome back everyone!! Today we had some fun getting back into English. We played some games to revise the vocabulary from last term and then to finish the class we read a fun story about a stripy horse See you all next week!!

Thursday 30th March

Hello! Today we revised vocabulary from last term – family & food. We then played a fun game which the children loved! See you all next week!!

23rd March

Hello!! Today we revised food vocabulary. The children are now able to remember different types of food and match them to the correct colour. We then listened to a fun song which had different actions. It was a lot of fun!!

Thursday 16th March

Hello! Today we had open doors! The children were all very excited and you all sang the song beautifully. We then played the fun game with Mr Caterpillar and ended the class with big smiles! See you all next week

Thursday 9th March

Hello everyone!! Today we had a lot of fun. We revised the food vocabulary that we have been learning and then practiced our song. The children love singing the song and we are very excited to show you next week at Open Doors!! Have a great weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you […]

Thursday 2nd March

Hello!! On Thursday we revised the food vocabulary we have been learning. We then played a fun game of `find Mr Caterpillar´. We ended the class with the new song we have been learning. Here is the link if you would like to practice it at home