Montseny 2016-2017

Tuesday 14th February

Hello!! On Tuesday as it was Valentine’s Day we had a creative lesson. We first learnt some vocabulary about Valentine’s Day – love, cards, flowers, chocolates etc. We then made some beautiful cards for our friends and family. We hope you liked them See you next week!!

2nd February

Hello!! Today we continued with our topic `The very hungry caterpillar´. We revised the numbers and fruits and then we start our Caterpillar books. Today we completed the pages `apple´ and `pears´. Have a nice weekend everyone and see you next week

31st January

Hello! On Tuesday we revised `daily routines´. We then played a fun game of matching the pictures to the routines. We ended the class with miming and acting out the pictures.

Thursday 2nd with Ian

This week we continue to practice different animals. We have a new game to play which is really fun and a song to practice!

Tuesday 1st with Ian

In this class we started by creating paper aeroplanes. Then we created different zones around the room worth different amounts of points. We then took it in turns to answer a series of questions with either a grammar or vocabulary focus. If the answer was correct the students had an opportunity to pick a target […]

Thursday 26th with Ian

We focused on animals and numbers. We started a new song to help remember the different animals. We completed a work sheet by finding and counting the different animals.

Tuesday 24th with Ian

Due to the fact that NOBODY had a pencil or pen, we decided to save the comic strip designing till next week and instead work on some language revision. We played a new game that focused on producing different sentence structures. The idea was that one student was asked questions and wasn’t allowed to say […]

Thursday 19th with Ian

We spent today´s lesson revising last weeks vocab and introduced some more new food words. I was very impressed with how much they remembered! We then had a treasure (food)  hunt. Afterwards we constructed paper aeroplanes. Using the chalk board as our target, we answered vocabulary questions in order to have a chance to hit […]

19th January

19th January

Hello!! Today we introduced our new topic `The very hungry caterpillar´. We revised some of the food he eats and then played a game `food & counting´. We then had fun feeding the caterpillar the food – he was very hungry today! Next week we will be reading the story together See you next week!!

17th January

Hi everyone!! We started this term with our fun 2017 calendars – we hope you liked them This week we revised clothes and seasons. We then played a game with the type of clothes you were in winter, summer, spring and autumn! See you all next week!!