Monday and Wednesday with Mollie

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 22nd May Today we read two articles about Ancient Egypt, one was about beliefs and the other was about mummies. Then we talked about the new vocab and your task was to explain your text to each other and answer 10 questions each. This practiced lots of English. To finish we watched […]

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 24th April Today we started by playing springtime vocab bingo. Then we played an Easter board game where you had to make correct sentences from a word pile to move up the board. To finish you did a worksheet to review using the past simple e.g. I went to the beach instead […]

Mollie K3 Monday & Wednesday 5th/7th

Class Summary Monday and Wednesday   We played body-part bingo, then we did a run-read-dictate and started to invent our game. On Wednesday we carried on with our invention and started making a poster.   We completed a worksheet about what we plan to do at Christmas using ‘I am going to’ or ‘I will’. […]

Mollie K3 Monday&Wednesday Week 7

Class Summary Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th November   This week we looked at lots of vocab to do with sports. You listed actions for homework. We played a sports kahoot. We also watched a video called the Olympians. You completed gap fill questions and then your task was to start a newspaper front page. You […]

Mollie M&W Week 4

On Monday we had a Halloween themed lesson. We watched 2 YouTube videos. We matched the pictures to the words. You looked at adjectives to describe the creatures and at the actions they did. Then we looked at prepositions for a Haunted House: the skeleton was at the table, the ghost was at the window. Then […]

Mollie Week 1 T&T 17.30-18.30 K3

Kids K3 Class with Mollie, Tuesday 4th October, 2016 Today we learned each others names (Marc, Ignacio and Valeriy) how old everyone is (11) and what everyone’s hobby is. Everybody got an orange notebook and a clear, plastic folder. Then, we created our own personalized dictionary. The first word we put in the dictionary was  ‘peg’. […]