Monday and Wednesday with Mollie

Mollie Monday and Wednesday K3

Class Summary Monday 20th February Today we did a board game using comparatives, superlatives, more than, best than etc. Then you chose 5 and wrote them down. To finish we compared Batman and Superman. No homework today!   Class Summary Wednesday 22nd February Today we listened to the song of the blue whale and then […]

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 13th Feb   Today we did some work on comparatives and superlatives e.g. the best, the worst, the highest, the lowest, the tallest, the shortest. You learnt the rule for 1, 2 or 3 syllable adjectives.   You then learnt how to play superhero Top Trumps  using the target language and then […]

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 6th February Today we started with the Fly swatter game. You had to run and hit the answer to the question. We also looked at speech and exclamation bubbles to use in our comics. Then we carried on with our comics. Homework Read the description of your superhero name and the superhero […]

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 30th January Today we started by watching The Incredibles trailer and marking the homework. Then we created our superhero names, here is the link Then you started working on a comic strip in groups. We started the first 3 boxes: 1. What happened? 2. Who was involved? 3. Where did it happen? […]

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 23rd January   Today we started class by playing 20 questions to guess the superhero. We asked questions using ‘am I’ or ‘can I’ for abilities. Then we created our own superhero. We included their secret identity, their day job, descriptive adjectives for them and their costume and their abilities e.g. flying […]

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 16th January Today we started class with a game to review body parts and action verbs. Here is the link to the body part game if you want to play at home: Then we looked at using will for future predictions. We contract I will to I’ll. For the negative we […]

Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Monday Today was our first lesson back. We looked at ‘going to + verb’ to talk about New Years Resolutions. We wrote two resolutions (going to and not going to). We played ‘The Memory Game’ to remember everyones resolutions. Then we drew around our hands to make ‘leaves’ for a resolution tree. Homework Fill in […]

Mollie K3 M&W

Class Summary for Monday 28th November Today we started by playing body part bingo.   Then we read the facts about the human body and you chose the correct answers.   Then we read a jumbled text, where only the first and last letter of the word was in the right place. You corrected the […]

Mollie K3 Mon&Wed

Class Summary Monday 21st November   Today we started with an A-Z alphabet challenge. Then we played Countdown, a word creating game. Then we matched body parts to the image from Close-up book.   Then we said where each of the body parts were: Ankle Calf Chin Ear Elbow Knee Shoulder Thumb Tongue Write and […]

Mollie K3 Monday&Wednesday Week 7

Class Summary Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th November   This week we looked at lots of vocab to do with sports. You listed actions for homework. We played a sports kahoot. We also watched a video called the Olympians. You completed gap fill questions and then your task was to start a newspaper front page. You […]