Saturday K3 with Mollie

Mollie K3 Saturday

Class Summary Saturday 1st April   Today only Asier and Yadira came to class. We did a comparison of a jungle and a village and wrote what we would be able to see, smell and hear in each. Then you did a jungle/habitat word search. Then we looked at family vocab and wrote 5 sentences […]

Mollie K3 Saturday

Class Summary Saturday 18th March Today we were preparing for open doors by learning the song ‘King of the Swingers’ and looking at the different characters from the Jungle Book. Then we described the animals and made a jungle. You also wrote a rhyming poem about a Blue Whale. We made crowns so that we […]

Mollie K3 Saturday

Class Summary Saturday 25th March Today we started by doing a jungle/habitat word search. Then we matched the animal to the noise they make. Then you read a story as the narrator and you had animal roles. Then we did more work on the Jungle Book. You looked at the main and supporting characters and read 3 […]

Mollie K3 Saturday

Class Summary 25th February Today we did some work comparing animals. We played the fly swatter game, a memory game and did races.   Then we watched a clip from planet earth 2 and homework is to describe all the animals. Then you finished your comics. To end we played stop the bus.   See […]

Mollie K3 Saturday 10th Dec

Class Summary Today we carried on with inventing our sport. You designed your posters and prepared a script that we will finish next week! Homework is to do a word search. See you then!

Mollie K3 Saturday

Class Summary Saturday 3rd December   Today we started by playing back to the board. We had two teams: the clashers and the supergirls! Then we talked about open doors on 17th December. You started by doing run-read-dictate with the text: It’s time for a new sport to be invented and as the youngest generation, […]

Mollie K3 Saturday

Class Summary Saturday 26th Nov   Today we started Countdown, a word creating game. Then we said where each of the body parts were: Ankle Calf Chin Ear Elbow Knee Shoulder Thumb Tongue Write and touch either you leg (L), A (arm) or (H) head Then we made puppets and played Simon Says. We finished our […]

Mollie Saturday K3

Class Summary Saturday 19th November   Today we started by checking the Olympic Sports Matching Homework. Everyone got stamps for doing it! Well done!   Then we listed 20 actions! Then we watched The Olympians again and answered some questions: 1.Where are they? 2.How many monsters were there? 3.Who helped her? 4.Can you describe the […]

Mollie K3 Saturday Week 6

Class Summary Saturday 12th Nov Today we started class by playing Copycat to learn the continents. Then we did a quick quiz. You both scored 13 so you drew.   Then we played bingo with sports vocab. Then we learnt some new vocab: 1.Whistle 2.Bat 3.Referee 4.Draw 5.Helmet 6.Coach 7.Captain 8.Court 9.Martial arts 10.Marathon 11.Spectator […]

Saturday class

today in class mollie was not here but we had lots of fun! we looked at vocabulary of the house and the rooms, we watched a video and an named all the things we could see. Then we looked at different types of houses (mansion, farm house, castle, haunted house)  and talked who lives in […]