Monday & Wednesday K1/K2 with Amy

K1.2 with Amy – June

This month we practised doing weather reports and matching weather with different parts of the world. We also learnt some new vocabulary – farm animals, and some new grammar – comparatives. For instance ‘This cow is bigger than that cow’ or ‘A horse is faster than a pig’. We also reviewed different adjectives for animals […]

K1.2 with Amy – May

This month we kept on learning about clothes, but this time matched them with different types of weather – eg ‘it’s hot – put on a sun hat’. We learnt phrases like ‘it’s raining’ or ‘it’s sunny’ as well as adjectives like ‘stormy’, ‘cool’ and ‘warm’. We also learnt lots of activities related to the […]

K1.2 with Amy – March

Wednesday 1st Today we kept on with our places in a town vocabulary, did a puzzle maze, matched jobs to places and started learning a new song called, ‘Places To Go’. Monday 6th Today we started work on our posters, which consolidate a lot of the work we’ve done this term – the time, daily […]

K1.2 with Amy – February

Wednesday 1st In this class we kept on with learning our party vocabulary, and we focused very strongly on saying what people like in the 3rd person – I like ___, he likes ___, I don’t like ___, she doesn’t like __. We did little sentence chains in a circle for speaking practice. Then, we […]

K1.2 with Amy – January

Monday 9th Welcome back everybody! Today we revised some of what we learnt last year and we also practised counting in 10s. We learnt a new song to help us remember the numbers and played some games to practise them. Wednesday 11th Today we welcomed a new student to the class, hi Oscar! We started a […]

K1/2 with Amy – November

November 2nd Today we watched a little video about a boy learning to ride a bike, and learnt some new vocabulary (ride a bike, skate, skateboard, play tennis, play football). Then we did lots of speaking and asked everyone what they can and can’t do! November 7th In this class we practised the vocabulary again […]

K1/2 with Amy! – October

Monday 3rd Hi everybody! So great to see you all again in the class, and welcome Gonzalo! Today we played a funny game where we had to pop balloons with broken questions inside them, then answer the questions together. Then we learnt the days of the week, and a new song! We found the days in […]