Monday & Wednesday K2 with Alana

24th & 26th April

Hello!! This week we revised and learned – Countries & Nationalities. We started the week with basic revision of Countries & Nationalities introducing new places. We then created our own Countries – language, flag, location, money etc. The children had a lot of fun being creative and we are going to present our Countries to […]

19th April – K2

Welcome back everyone!! Today we started the lesson with a discussion about our Easter holidays – you all did lots of fun things! We then reviewed the different Countries and Nationalities. Then in pairs we completed a fun handout. We finished the class with a game of Pictionary. See you all next week!!

20th & 22nd March

Hello!! This week we started a new grammar point – “Question words”. We practiced writing sentences with the question words and then played a fun game called Question time. The children loved this and it was a great way to reinforce the grammar. We will continue with this grammar point next week but with added […]

Wednesday 15th March

Hi!! Yesterday we had open doors. We presented our video games that we have created. They were all fantastic and very creative! Thank you to all the parents who came and we hope to see you again at the next open doors!

6th & 8th March

Hello!! This week we have had a lot of fun with our open doors presentation. We have revised the new vocabulary that we have learnt and played some fun games using this vocabulary. We are very excited to show you are presentation next week and we hope that you can all make it Have a […]

Monday 6th March

Hello!! Today we continued with our activity for Open Doors. We played a fun game with new vocabulary (but we can´t tell you what it is, as it´s a surprise ) The children are very excited to show you what they have created!  

Monday 13th & Tuesday 15th February

Hello!! This week on Monday we had a creative lesson and made Valentine’s Day cards in preparation for Tuesday. The children were very creative and the cards were beautiful. We hope you liked the cards On Wednesday we revised the grammar tenses we’ve been learning and then ended the class with the game ‘slap’. The […]

1st February

Hello! This week we have been revising present simple, past simple and we have introduced present continuous. We played a fun game on Wednesday with these grammar points and paper airplanes. The children loved it! See you all next week!!

16th & 18th January

Hello! Last week we revised clothes vocabulary and in what season we wear certain clothes and why. We also started past tense – regular verbs and learnt when to use today, yesterday and tomorrow in a sentence. We will be continuing with this grammar point later today!

Monday 9th January

Hello everyone!! Today was the first lesson back after Christmas. We spoke about what presents we had for Christmas and we spoke about what we did over the holiday. We then made some beautiful calendars for 2017 which will help us practice the days/dates of the week and also the months. See you all on […]