Viernes con Simon P5

Friday Fort-pienc with Simon

April 29 and May 6. Hello everyone we had some fun classes these past couple of weeks. We went over animals and naming our favorite animals. We got introduced to some new animals and what they can do. We played some fun games with animal pictures. We listened so some super simple songs about animals. Finally […]

Friday April 15 and 22 with Simon

Hello everyone we had some fun classes. We started learning about our animals and what they can do. We went over animals you find at the farm and animals in the wild. We learned what everyone’s favorite animals are and played some fun games. We listened so some super simple songs about animals. Finally we […]

Friday April 1 and 8 with Smon

Hello everyone! we had a great couple of classes to start off the month. We did some review of our foods and practiced saying our words. We learned some new foods and did some matching with foods. Finally we listened to some songs and played guessing games. Great job everyone!

Friday March 18 with Simon

Hello everyone We had a fun class on Friday. We did some fun English exercises on Easter – matching bunnies with numbers and eggs. Then spent the rest of the class drawing Easter pictures. Great job everyone and have a happy holiday and time off school. Happy Easter!

Fridays March 4th and 11th

Hello everyone On March 4th we spent the class going over our open doors presentations. We finished up on our posters and practiced presenting them. Then we practiced our vocabulary with matching the correct words with the pictures. And finally we practiced our song. Great job everyone! I want to thank every parent that came […]

Fridays Feb. 19 and 26 with Simon

Hello everyone On these days we did some fun review of the different things we have been doing and then started working on our open doors presentations. They are all doing a great job with their words and remembering what most things are. Then we played some fun matching games using groups pictures and words. […]

Friday Feb. 5th with Simon

Hello everyone We had a great class on the 5th talking about some more about our foods. We started talking about what our favourite foods are such as cheese, pasta, cake, pizza etc. We did a matching exercise and played some fun games using our new words. Great job everyone!

Friday January 22 and 29

Hello everyone! We had some fun classes these past weeks. We did some more exercises on fruits and their colors. And got introduced to vegetables as well. We did some matching cards with words and pictures. We listened to some more songs about fruits and vegetables. We went around the classroom asking each other what […]

Friday Jan 15th with Simon

Hello everyone and welcome back! Friday we had a great class. We first all shared our Christmas stories and what presents we got. It was really fun hearing what everyone did. We then got our Christmas tree and fruit exercises back and finished coloring them. Then we did a fun exercise on matching fruits with […]

Friday Nov. 27 and Dec. 4th with Simon

Hello everyone! Friday November 27 we had a great class going over our body parts and playing some fun games using what we learned. We then practiced some more our song “one little finger” and finally worked on our face pictures for Open House. Friday December 4th we had another great class. We finished our […]