Martes con Alana P3/P4

Alana – Tuesday 14th June

Alana – Tuesday 14th June

Hi everyone!! So today was the final class of the year We had a really fun lesson and ended the lesson with some dancing. I have attached the video below for you all to enjoy at home. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching you all this year and I hope you have all had […]

Tuesday 7th June

Tuesday 7th June

Thank you to all the parents that came to the open doors yesterday. We had a great time and the children really enjoyed showing you what we do in class. We hope you enjoyed it Here is the song we sang if you want to sing it at home:  

Tuesday 31st May

Tuesday 31st May

Hi everyone!! Today we continued our topic of `food´´. We had some fun with the very hunger caterpillar story and played a fun game, where we had to feed the caterpillar different types of food. We also watched the very hunger caterpillar story to help practice the different types of food. Below is the link […]

Tuesday – May

Last lesson we practiced the phrases ‘I like’ ‘I don’t like’ with food flashcards. The children loved this, especially when we pulled silly faces for the food we didn’t like. Today we will continue working on these phrases but will also be playing a few fun games

Tuesday – 26th April

Today we made some finger puppets to revise the family members. We then listened to a song and played a fun game with our puppets. The children loved this!

Tuesday – 12th April

Hi everyone!! On Tuesday we practiced saying the different body parts and then we completed a body puzzle together. The children loved this! We then made our own body puzzles, so that we can practice the body parts at home

5th April – Alana

Today we had a new student – Ona We welcomed her to the class and introduced ourselves. We then revised our body parts and sang beautifully the song `heads, shoulders, knees and toes´. We then played a fun game of matching the body parts. See you all next week!!

Tuesday 1st March – Alana

This week we have been learning `body parts´. To help us learn we played a sticker game with each part of the body. We then listened to a song about body parts – the link is below! We then revised our song from our last topic `Old Macdonald had a farm´ we will sing this […]

23rd February – Alana

On Tuesday we practiced our song `Old Macdonald had a farm´. We then played a game with the different animals. After we revised our body songs and stuck stickers on each others body parts – nose, arm, hand, leg and foot. We then finished the class with the body parts song and our goodbye song! […]

16th February – Alana

Hi everyone!! We are now able to sing the song `Old MacDonald had a farm´and also guess the animal that we think is behind the barn door. We are also able to associate each animal with their sound and colour. We are also able to identify certain body parts, which is what we are going […]