Lunes/Miércoles con Alana 3º/4º Primaria

Alana – Monday & Wednesday

Hi everyone! This week we have learned some new vocabulary with the topic `superpowers´. The children have loved this and today we had fun creating some of our own superpowers. As next Monday is the last class, we will be having a little party to celebrate the end of year. So bring snacks, drinks and […]

Wednesday 8th June

Wednesday 8th June

Thank you to all the parents that came to the open doors today. The children really enjoyed performing for you and we hope you had fun too! Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you next week!!

Monday 6th June

Today we revised our restaurant dialogues and corrected our menus. Then using the food vocabulary we wrote some very creative poems! I look forward to seeing you all at the open doors on Wednesday

Monday 30th May

Monday 30th May

Hi everyone!! The menu´s that we did for homework were great and very creative! We then used these menu´s to continue our role playing of `ordering at a restaurant´. The children had a lot of fun speaking in English and using their acting skills to pretend they were in restaurants. Well done today everyone!!

Wednesday 25th May

Today we learned the modal verbs: “would like” & “can”. We also learned how to make offers and requests in a restaurant and used these phrases in a role play activity. Homework: Create a menu: Starters (5 options), Main Course (5 options) and Desserts (5 options). Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Monday/Wednesday – May

This month we have had some fun with basic tenses. We have learned some new exotic types of food and whether they are countable or uncountable. Yesterday we practiced using the forms ‘There are…’ ‘There is…’, we then completed a chart identify certain objects by using these phrases.

Wednesday 27th April

Today we did some more revision on food. We then discussed different types of vegetables – the colour, texture, smell etc. This will help us next week, when we start working on our own recipes. We finished the class with a fun interactive game.

Monday – 25th April

Today we revised past simple verbs and then wrote about our weekends. We then played a fun game of `Guess what?´ The children really enjoyed this game! See you on Wednesday!

Wednesday 20th April – Alana

Today we discussed St. George´s Day and the story behind it. We then learned some vocabulary related to the story and played a memory game. We then got creative and made our own St. George knights. They were all very good! Happy St. George´s Day on Saturday

Monday/Wednesday – the start of the new term!

Hi everyone! We have had a great start to the new term and everyone is really enjoying learning English. We have revised question formation, adjectives and basic tenses. Last week we completed some fun word searches about food and fruit (the more difficult ones) and today we did a quick test on spelling. See you […]