Carlit with Régine on Monday

In class we talked about the letter B and sounds that animals make.  Then we talked Bumble bees what they can and can’t do.  We practiced the song and played lots of games to help ues remember the song.  Then when make a bee so that we could sing the song.

Monday 17th @ Carlit with Régine

Monday 17th @ Carlit with Régine

Hi everybody, in class we continued talking about fruit and ” Do you like____?  Yes, I do.  No, I don’t Then we move on to read the book the very hungry caterpillar.  we looked at some vocabulary that appeared in the book: moon, sun, leaf, egg, cacoon, butterfly. The book talks about how the caterpillar […]


¡Hola a todos! Ya hemos acabado este año de inglés. Podéis recoger las notas en Carlit. Gracias y que tengáis un buen verano! Today was the last day of class! We reviewed some of the different videos that we had watched throughout the semester.

Last day with Régine June 16th

Hi Guys, Today was the last day of class.  We watched a short video while we were eating our snack and we talked about it, what the people where doing and why. Then we made puffy paint out of glue, foam and food colouring.  We had lots of fun mixing, talking about the steps […]

Last day with Régine 15th June

Hi guys! Today was the last day of class.  We watched some cartoons as promised and agreed and we also did some writing and a little reading practice. Thank you all for a great year.  They have taken home their worksheet and notebooks we have worked on over the year. Well done!  Hope to see […]

Monday 13th june with Régine

Hi!!! On Monday we practiced there is/ there are and the question How many____ are there? We also saw the vocabulary lemon, tree, tomato, dogs, garden… We play lots of games and did a lot of speaking practice.  Well done. See you next week!  

Monday, 6th June with Régine at Carlit

Hi everybody, Yesterday we had great class.  We worked on can/can’t and question forms.  We saw some new vocabulary: ride a bike, use a computer, cook, draw, ski, skate, jump, speak English.  We played a few games to help use remember the expression then we asked some questions to each other and some of the […]

Thursday 2nd of June with Régine at Carlit

Hi! Last class we had a very productive class.  We looked at some expressions to help us describe things: “it’s made of (plastic, metal)”  “we use it to”, “We find it in the kitchen” “it’s similar to….” Then we finished making our volcanoes and we made them erupt with vinager and bicarbonate of soda.  It […]

Wed. June 1st with Régine @ carlit

Hi everybody, Today in class we read chapter 2 and 3 of Fantastic mr. Fox. Then we answered some questions.  The we watch 15 minute of the film.  Then we wrote a sentence of what we thought about the film. Bye, Régine

Monday May 30th with Régine at Carlit

Monday May 30th with Régine at Carlit

Hi guys, Today was a very productive day.  We read the story Monkey puzzle again but today we focused on Can and can’t.  We talked about what the animals in the book can and cannot do, for example, the monkey can climb trees.  The snake can’t walk.  We looked at the short forms too: yes, […]