Monday 1st/2nd Grade with Regine

Monday june 12th @ carlit with Régine

Today in class we saw a new song and reviewed vocabulary we had seen before about the sea:  whale, dolphin, jellyfish, shark…  we practiced the song and talked about things we could see in the picture. Then we went back to practicing the book we have been reading. We played bingo and some other games […]

Carlit with Régine Monday

Hello this week and last we continued with the book: room on the broom.  We talked about emotions.   Practiced the vocabulary from before. Then today watch the video below and pointed out things while they were happening.  They really enjoyed themselves. See you next week.

Monday with Régine at Carlit

In class we finished reading the book room on the broom.  We reviewed a lot of the vocabulary (broom, witch, bow, dog, cat, dragon, monster…) and we played lots of games to help us memorise it.  We repeated a lot of the book. here you can listen to the story again: Then we looked at […]

Carlit on Monday with Régine

In class we saw the prepostions in on and under and we continued with the rooms of the house. Where is the ….?  

Carlit with Régine

Hello! Today we started the rooms of the house.  We did a listening about a hidden dragon.  We did worksheet and played a memory game.  We also did a speaking game.  Is the dragon in the kitchen?  Yes/No. It was a very productive day. See you next week. Régine

Monday with Régine at Carlit

Hi! On monday we continued with the foods that we do and don’t like.

Carlit with Régine on Monday

First of all thank you to all the parents who came to class to open doors. We started out by reviewing what we saw last week with the rhyming words.  box-fox, mouse-house  then we read the story to review the words.  Then we talked about food that we like and dont like.  we practiced a […]

Monday with Régine @ carlit

Hi in class  we looked at lot a rhyming words fox-box, mouse-house, then we did a lot of practice with the new vocabulary. Then we read the book green eggs and ham.   We had lots of fun. see you next week!

Carlit with Régine on Monday

In class we talked about the letter B and sounds that animals make.  Then we talked Bumble bees what they can and can’t do.  We practiced the song and played lots of games to help ues remember the song.  Then when make a bee so that we could sing the song.

Monday with Régine at Carlit

Hi! In class on Monday we talked about snakes and what they can can’t do.  We played games related to snakes.  We counted to 35.  We looked at the body parts of snakes. Have a nice week. régine