Carlit 2016-2017

Carlit with Régine Monday

Hello this week and last we continued with the book: room on the broom.  We talked about emotions.   Practiced the vocabulary from before. Then today watch the video below and pointed out things while they were happening.  They really enjoyed themselves. See you next week.

Carlit P3/4/5 with Taylor

Hello! Today we practiced our opposites some more: open-shut, loud-quiet, big-small, fast-slow and please-no, thank you! Then, we sang the Open Shut Them song! We made some flashcards in the last class and had a lot of fun throwing a ball at the pictures and saying the word. With Michelle, the kids worked in smaller […]

Carlit 5th/6th with Taylor

Hello, On Thursday we started our YouTubers Video Challenge! Each group decided what type of video they wanted to make and began writing scripts. Everyone is really excited about this project!

Carlit 3rd with Taylor

Hello! On Tuesday we continued practicing with the present continuous. First, we sang a song about getting ready for a wedding. Then, we talked about a picture of the Simpsons and answered the question “What are the Simpsons doing?” using lots of different verbs. Everyone did a great job! Finally, we played a fun online […]

Carlit P3/P4/P5 with Taylor

Hello! On Monday we started learning our new song about opposites–Open, Shut Them! We also read Dear Zoo and practiced some of the adjectives that describe the animals in the story. Finally, we worked on making some opposite flashcards! Here’s the song in case you want to practice it at home:

Monday with Régine at Carlit

In class we finished reading the book room on the broom.  We reviewed a lot of the vocabulary (broom, witch, bow, dog, cat, dragon, monster…) and we played lots of games to help us memorise it.  We repeated a lot of the book. here you can listen to the story again: Then we looked at […]

Carlit 5º/6º with Taylor

Hi all! Yesterday we had an interesting class where we talked about the most popular types of YouTube videos. We also discussed how the different types of videos work. Then, we watched a video and listened for different adjectives used to describe an iPhone. Some of them were: awesome, weird, cool, cute, surprising, etc. Finally, we wrote […]

Carlit 3º/5º with Taylor

Hello! On Tuesday we worked with the present continuous (verb + -ing). We practiced the structure and played some fun games, like charades and pictionary! Then, we read a story about a girl’s party and answered some questions. Everyone is really getting good with this verb tense. Keep it up!

Carlit 5º/6º with Taylor

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Yesterday we wrote about our Spring holiday and reviewed the past simple tense. Then, we played a game that was all about speaking! If you stopped talking or used the past simple wrong, you got a bop on the head with a balloon. It was a lot of fun and got […]

Carlit 3º/5º with Taylor

Hi All, Welcome back! On Tuesday we played some games to review the vocabulary we learned last term. Then, we talked about our Spring holiday, including how it was, what we ate and where we went. It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun! Finally, everyone drew a picture to describe their holiday. See […]