Carlit 2016-2017

Monday with Régine at Carlit

Hi! On monday we continued with the foods that we do and don’t like.

Carlit 3º/5º with Taylor

Hi everyone, Yesterday we had a fun class. We started learning adverbs of frequency: always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, never. Now, we can answer the question “How often do you…? with the correct adverb! For example, A: How often do you play football? B: I always play football! We played some games to practice this form, and then we started […]

Carlit Infantil with Taylor

Hello! On Monday we had a great class. We reviewed everything we’ve done over the last term and repeated some games we’ve already played. It was wonderful to see how much everyone has improved since the first time we played the game until now. Well done! We started working on a fun fruit basket craft, […]

Carlit with Régine on Monday

First of all thank you to all the parents who came to class to open doors. We started out by reviewing what we saw last week with the rhyming words.  box-fox, mouse-house  then we read the story to review the words.  Then we talked about food that we like and dont like.  we practiced a […]

Carlit 5th/6th with Taylor

Hello, Yesterday I gave back some corrections to the Storybird stories we’re working on, and everyone revised them. We can’t wait to show them to you next week! See you then

Carlit 3º/5º with Taylor

Hello, Yesterday we practiced for our Open Doors presentation! We practiced our song, telling the time and the daily routines game we’re going to play with you when you come to our class See you then!

Carlit Infantil with Taylor

Hi everyone, We spent yesterday preparing for our Open Doors next week! We practiced our Hello Song and also got a special game prepared to talk about foods and I like/I don’t like. Here’s our Hello song again in case you want to practice at home See you at Open Doors!

Monday with Régine @ carlit

Hi in class  we looked at lot a rhyming words fox-box, mouse-house, then we did a lot of practice with the new vocabulary. Then we read the book green eggs and ham.   We had lots of fun. see you next week!

Carlit 5º/6º with Taylor

Hi all, Yesterday we had a really interesting class. We finally got started with the online story writing platform Storybird. Everyone was very focused on writing a great story in the past simple. We can’t wait to show them to you at our Open Doors!  

Carlit 3º/5º with Taylor

Hi all, On Tuesday we reviewed time and started learning a new song. We created some moves for this song as well and added some new verb phrases like brush my teeth, play with toys, etc. We can’t wait to show you at the Open Doors on March 14th!