Wednesday Midday 1st Grade with Alana

Wednesday 22nd March

Hello!! Today we continued with our topic – Jobs. We revised the new vocabulary from last lesson and then played a fun game of pictionary. The children remembered all the words from last week – I am very happy with everyone See you all next week!!

Wednesday 15th March – Brusi

Hello! Yesterday we had a lot of fun with our new topic – jobs! We learned the names of different job roles and then played a memory game. We then had a great discussion about “When I grow up I want to be…” The children loved talking about the jobs and we have some future […]

Wednesday 8th March

Wednesday 8th March

Hello everyone!! Today we started a new topic – jobs. The children loved learning the names of the different jobs – policeman, teacher, student, nurse, doctor, pilot etc. We then played a fun game of memory using the different job roles. Check out the photos below!!  

1st March

Hello!! Today we had some fun with a vocabulary game called ‘Slap’. The children loved this and it was a great way to revise the vocabulary we have been learning. We also then played the ‘I can’ game. For this game I allowed the children to take it in turns to be the teacher. They […]

16th February

Hello!! Yesterday we continued with our topic ”I can”. We played a fun game with action flashcards and if you could do the action then you mimed it but if you couldn’t you had to sit down. The children loved this. We then did a little bit of practicing writing sentences using ”I can”. For […]

1st February

Hello everyone!! Today we revised the action words that we have been learning – jump, fly, run, dance etc. We then used these action words to say which animals do which action – the children had great fun pretending to be the animals! We then played a fun game with a target on the white […]

18th January

Hello!! Today we revised telling the time from last week and then we learned some opposites – good/bad, little/big, girl/boy etc. We then played a fun miming game and memory game with flashcards. See you all next week

11th January

Hi everyone!! On the first day back we spoke about what presents we had for Christmas and the Three Kings. We then learned how to tell the time using ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’. We ended the class with a fun game of ‘What’s the time mr wolf’.

14th December – Alana

Hello! Today we continued learning new fruit and vegetables. We then played a fun game of memory and guessing the fruit or vegetable. We ended the class with a fun song about food! See you all next week

7th December

7th December