Tuesday & Thursday Afternoon P3 with Amy

P3 with Amy & Julia – May

This month we did lots of exciting things! First, we learnt how to count to 20. We sang a fun song called the number rock and also worked our way through a book called ‘Carlos Likes Counting’ about a giraffe who loves to count. We also practised farm animal vocabulary – we sang a song […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – March

Thursday 2nd Today we sang a song called ‘Open, Close’ to practice body parts and actions, very useful when opening and closing those bags and lunchboxes! Tuesday 7th Today we learnt a new song called ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, it has lots of fun actions! We also read a very sweet book about a […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – February

Thursday 2nd Today we sang our hobbies song again, everyone is getting very good at it! We also sang ‘BINGO’, practised action verbs, and read a story about a sad tiger. Tuesday 7th Today we sang a new song which Julia and I used to sing when we were younger called ‘The Hokey Cokey’ – […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – January

Tuesday 10th Today we met our new teacher, Julia! We sang all our favourite songs to her to show her all the things we’ve learnt. We also read a book about 3 bears and their musical instruments and learnt a new song called ‘Can you play the drums?’. Thursday 12th Today we started a new […]

P3 with Amy – November

P3 with Amy! – October