Monday & Wednesday Afternoon 4th Grade with Julia

Monday 3rd & Wednesday 5th April

Monday 3rd & Wednesday 5th April

Hello everyone, We had lots of fun this week with lots of games. Monday we practiced prepositions and answering past simple questions with a paper airplane game, whereby the students had to throw their paper airplane in/on/under/inside/outside things but points were only rewarded after correctly answering a past simple question. Wednesday was Easter themed with […]

27th & 29th March

Hello all, We have had a great week with lots of fantastic contribution in class and I have had so many helpful students! We have been practicing past tense sentences and pronunciation, we also had a great sing along using Lyrics Training to Hallelujah. You can practice lots of songs in English on this website:¬† […]

20th & 22nd March 2017

Hello all, It was great to see you this Monday at open doors, it was great to show you the game the children created. I think Irene and Iria did very well explaining the rules. I’d also like to say thank you to Lila for being a fantastic assistant with word of the week! We […]

Monday 13th & Wednesday 15th March 2017

Hello everyone, We continued our routine of spelling our names (with a record time and accuracy on Monday), guessing the word of the day & writing it in our books (practicing our alphabet) and saying the day/date/month/year. Monday we practiced what we will be doing for open doors, we are looking forward to showing everyone […]

Monday 6th & Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Hello all, This week we did describing of pictures for someone to draw, with lots of fantastic drawings. We also started learning prepositions and I saw great improvement! At home you can practice the preposition song: In, on, under x2 Behind, in front x2 Next to, in between x2 Round and round x2 Or practice […]

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed carnival at the weekend. This week the students continued to successfully spell their names (they are almost all 100% accurate) and say the day/date/month/year. We quickly revised 3rd person present continuous with our favorite game before completing a cross word to practice spelling and writing. We had lots of […]

Monday 20th & Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Hello everyone, We have had a fantastic week this week learning present continuous with lots of fun games to learn the vocab and the grammar. On Monday we did first person present continuous with a game of bingo. Then Wednesday learnt 3rd person present continuous with a fantastic acting game with lots of laughs and […]

Monday 13th & Wednesday 15th Feburary 2017

Hello, Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Last week we continued with our class room routine of students spelling their name (I have seen such fantastic progress!!), saying the day and date and answering ‘how are you?’ (generally a very happy and often hot students). This week we did a survey of what classmates […]

Monday 6th & Wednesday 9th February

Hello everyone, Hope you all had a good weekend. Last week we started looking at ‘things we do in our free time’ and ‘hobbies’. We continued to practice spelling names with a clear improvement! It was the first time for Adriana and Laia to fully spell correct their name using the English alphabet and Judith […]

Monday 30th January & Wednesday 1st February