Monday & Wednesday Afternoon 4th Grade with Julia

19th & 20th June 2017 – The last class!

Hello everyone, It was great to see so many parents on Monday evening and past simple bingo was lots of fun! We rounded up Wednesday’s class with lots of games that we have been doing in class including quizlet games, dobble, charades, pictonary all with the students choice of English music in the background. Don’t forget […]

Wednesday 14th June

Hello everyone, Hope you’re all enjoying summer now it is here. This Wednesday we did predictive English ‘I think the video is about…’, watching a funny Mr Bean video, talking about it and remembering all the things he packed in his suitcase. At home you can practices clothes vocab with Quizlet Only 2 more lessons […]

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend last week. On Wednesday I had great behaviour all round, well done everyone! I was very happy with every ones effort in class. We did our daily routine of spelling names with Dunia writing them all out perfectly, the word of the day with two […]

Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th

Hello everyone, Sadly we have had some challenging behaviour and some amazing behaviour this last couple of weeks. You’ll have noticed the students bringing home either ‘Wow’ or ‘Behaviour alert’ notes, this is a new system in class for the moment to try and help with this behaviour. I always like to keep communicating with […]

Monday 22nd & Wednesday 24th May

Hello all, After these notes last week I have seen some vast improvement in everyone’s behaviour, thank you for all your support in making this happen. This week we have been playing games to remember irregular and regular past tense verbs including; went, phoned, saw, had, ate, played, did, walked, talked, watched, cooked, missed, open, […]

Wednesday 3rd May

Hello all, This Wednesday we played different team games to practice irregular past tense verbs including; went, talked, saw, ate, did, was/were. We also revised past tense regular verbs and their pronunciation; played, talked, walked, listened. If students have any games they have liked best or would like to play please let me know. Hope […]

Monday 24th & Wednesday 26th April 2017

Hello all, This week we’ve changed our routine where the class have to spell the name of the person next to them, everyone was fantastic at this! I can see a vast improvement in every ones pronunciation of the alphabet. Monday we played lots of games for vocab relating to festivals (including Sant Jordi, Christmas, […]

Monday 3rd & Wednesday 5th April

Monday 3rd & Wednesday 5th April

Hello everyone, We had lots of fun this week with lots of games. Monday we practiced prepositions and answering past simple questions with a paper airplane game, whereby the students had to throw their paper airplane in/on/under/inside/outside things but points were only rewarded after correctly answering a past simple question. Wednesday was Easter themed with […]

27th & 29th March

Hello all, We have had a great week with lots of fantastic contribution in class and I have had so many helpful students! We have been practicing past tense sentences and pronunciation, we also had a great sing along using Lyrics Training to Hallelujah. You can practice lots of songs in English on this website: […]

20th & 22nd March 2017

Hello all, It was great to see you this Monday at open doors, it was great to show you the game the children created. I think Irene and Iria did very well explaining the rules. I’d also like to say thank you to Lila for being a fantastic assistant with word of the week! We […]