Week 5- Into the Deep with Tom (mornings)

Day 1 Today we started out by getting to know each other and playing an extreme version of stop the bus. Then we started doing our focus of the week. I’ve decided to start out on the surface for our first day. We firstly look at some information about what life was like for people […]

Week 4 The World Around Us with Tom (mornings)

Day 1 Today we started out by doing a quiz all about Geography to see how much we knew about the world around us and learned some new things too! We started by doing a Geography round which asked various questions about countries, capitals, flags, population and geographical features of our planet. We then did […]

Week 3- Fitness Freaks with Tom (Mornings)

Day 1 We started our fitness freaks week by doing a class Olympics! First, everyone got into groups to start our opening ceremony. They invented a name, flag, history and culture of their nations. After they had presented the games began! We played games such as a three-person blind obstacle course which required communication and […]

Week 2- That’s Showbiz with Tom (Mornings)

Day 1 Today everyone took part in a quiz about pop culture and show business, which are our themes for the week. During the day the students competed to answer questions about movies, music, sport and videogames. They also choose some scenes from popular movies like Cinderella and Harry Potter to recreate; and they also […]

Week 1- Pushing the limits with Tom (Mornings)

Day 1 We firstly did a pushing the limits competition where everybody got in groups to complete challenges. This was really good as everyone got to know each other and have some fun too. We then looked at some inspirational people who have pushed the limits in their field. The kids did some research to […]

Week 5 Teens with Tom

Day 1 Today we did an Olympian quiz that challenged mental strength, physical prowess and speed when using English. We also started finding out about suitable cities that would be perfect for future Olympic Games which we will be developing during the week. Day 2 We started by giving each person in the group roles […]

Week 4 Afternoons with Tom

Day 1 Today we did a competition where students had to race to complete challenges that tested their general knowledge, pronunciation and grammatical knowledge of English. Day 2 We started looking at inspirational people in history and modern day. In groups, students were given a person to research and find out some of the incredible […]

The Great Escape with Tom

Day 1 Today we were doing different logic/lateral thinking puzzles. We also looked at magic tricks and tried to guess how the tricks were done. It was really exciting to see all the students trying to use English when working together. Day 2 We started the day by students going into groups and completing challenges […]

Day four of Globetrotters with Tom

After visiting Poble Español yesterday we started the class today by reviewing it. We found that there were some things that we could improve. So students got into groups and chose a country. They had to make a village that represents the various architecture and culture of their chosen country (similar to Poble Español). When […]

Day one and two of Globetrotters with Tom

On the first day we did a World Quiz where students were asked question about geography, brands, map-making and music of the world. I then showed them my wishlist of things I want to do when I visit Tokyo. Students had to discuss in groups about the various things and try to deduce the weird […]