Laila’s M/W K4

HELLO! These weeks we have been reading and writing a lot! Fiction and nonfiction stories as well as discovering interesting facts about some animals. We will keep on working on these skills See you on Monday

Laila’s K4 – M/W

Hi   New term and new topic! Just before the end of term we played Monopoly in class to introduce the topic of Shopping and Money. This week we have learnt some useful vocabulary and expressions related to this context. Students will memorise a short dialogue and perform it next week in class. Great week!

K4- M/W Laila

Hello!   One more fun week working on the present perfect, learning to identify the difference between the simple and the continuous form and rehearsing for our open day surprise   See you next week

Laila’s K4 – Mon / Wed

This week we have started to learn a super cool rap song to learn all the past participle verbs that we need to keep expanding our knowledge for the use of the present perfect tense. We also watched a short video and played a group wordsearch competition. Have a great weekend!

K4 – Laila Mon -Wed

Hello This week we have started learning the past participle verbs and how to use them to form the Present Perfect. We have played bingo, learnt some important verbs, completed a “Have you ever…?” questionnaire  and interviewed each other. Today as well we had a new student join our class. Welcome Isamel See you next […]

k4 Mon – Wed (Laila)

Hello, This week we have continued working on modals verbs. On Monday we had a great time playing pictionary to guess some rules, you created your own and tested each other. Yesterday we also played an online jeopardy and finished some exercises from the British Council website. Well done! See you next week

Laila’s K4 – Mon – Wed

Hello,   This week we have continued with modal verbs of obligation and advice. On Monday we played a running dictation competition to put together some school rules and yesterday we continued to practice some more, watched a video from the British Council teens grammar snacks and completed some exercises. Good job everyone.

K4 Mon – Wed (Laila)

K4 Mon – Wed (Laila)

Hello!!! Welcome back and Happy New Year ! This week we have looked back on 2016 and planned ahead a little bit for the new things to come this 2017. We worked on a beautiful poster and shared our wishes. Great job! See you next week.

K4 – Laila’s Mon – Wed

Hi, This week we finished the design and maps of our towns and have been working on presentations and touristic routes to convince people to become citizens of our beautiful and “tasty” towns

Laila´s K4 – Monday / Wednesday

Hi This week we have been working on creating our own little town and designing a map for it with. Alongside, we have also been practicing the prepositions of place we need to used when asking for and giving directions. For homework, I have asked you to write a short letter to the Mayor of […]