Emily’s Tuesday group 19/11

Today we sand “head, shoulders, knees and toes” and pointed at these different parts of our bodies! Then we looked at pictures of monsters who have many legs, heads, toes, etc, and coloured them in. Then each of you made your own monster-necklace out of an egg box, you gave him/her a name and learnt […]

Emily’s Tuesday group 12/11

Today we looked again at colours – in “the box” there were lots of different colours and we organized them by putting each little bit of coloured card in different places around the room, we had the “red” corner, the “blue” corner, etc etc. Then we used these bits of coloured card to make colourful […]

Emily’s Tuesday group 5/11

Today we looked at landscapes – mountains, bridges, trees, houses, rivers, the sun, clouds, etc. We did lots of running around “being” a river, tree, sun, monutain, etc, and then coloured in some beautiful landscape pictures!

Emily’s Tuesday group 29/10

Hallowe’en! After warming up with some singing and aerobics in English, we guessed what was in the box – Hallowe’en pictures! Vampires, bats, spiders, witches, mummies, pumpkins and cats! We learnt how to move around like these Hallowe’en characters and had a lot of fun. Then we coloured in the pictures and stuck them on […]

Spring term

Throughout January, February and March we all had a lot of fun playing all kinds of games, singing songs, drawing pictures, doing (and even making our own) wordsearches, writing short sentences and many other activities. Topics included: family members, animals, food (lots and lots of food!), the Simpsons, parts of the house, directions (go left, […]

Week 8

Final touches on Open Doors Day presentation. The presentation consisted of: 1. Question hot seat, each student held up their sign and asked the other students a question, which they answered one-by-one. 2. Students showed their parents the words on the board (each student had written on the board all the English words they could […]