Daredevils with Corinne: Week 4

Day 4 Today we played a word game to practice different parts of sentences and then started filming our videos! The filming took quite a while to get finished. Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow at 4pm. Day 3 Today we played a couple more kahoot games and then played “Blind Chicken” to see who […]

Summer Week 3 with Corinne

Summer Week 3 with Corinne

      Day 5 Today we’re completing our tent and writing ghost stories to tell around the campfire. See everyone at 12:30pm for presentations! Day 4 Today we made mini s’mores. They were so tasty! We also played a game to practice vocabulary. For the second half of class we worked on building our tent. […]

Corinne Globe Trotters

Hello! Sorry for the late post- I had posted Tuesday and Wednesday’s activies, but they didn’t save correctly! Thursday: Today we finished our budget and started working on our pamplets. Now that we have all our information, we’re ready to do our skits tomorrow! I hope everyone can come. Wednesday: Today we played Taboo to […]

Ice Age with Corinne

Day one: Hello everyone! We had a great start to our week today! We started by playing some games to get to know each other. One of these activities was drawing self portraits based on information about ourselves rather than our actual appearances. We also all chose an animal to talk about: Beta fish, ostrich, […]


¡Hola a todos! Ya hemos acabado este año de inglés. Podéis recoger las notas en Carlit. Gracias y que tengáis un buen verano! Today was the last day of class! We reviewed some of the different videos that we had watched throughout the semester.


Today we worked with shapes again. We colored a house that was made of shapes. Everyone did a great job asking for the correct colored marker! We also played Red Light, Green Light again but incorporated more actions this time. At the end of class, we read a book called, “Bad Boy, Billy!” and acted […]


Today we continued talking about toys and also started talking about shapes. We learned a new game called Red Light, Green Light. We absolutely loved it!


Today we practiced some of our favorite toys: train, car, doll, ball, scooter and teddy beer! We colored some pictures of them, sang a song about what color each toy was and played a game acting out the different objects.


Today we continued working with things we see in the sky. We practiced coloring and drawing the different objects we had learned and also practiced the vocabulary by acting it out.


Today we had a special guest join us- Jess from Oxford House! We worked on things we see in the sky. Students worked on vocabulary such as moon, star, cloud, rainbow and planet.