K1.2 with Amy – June

This month we practised doing weather reports and matching weather with different parts of the world. We also learnt some new vocabulary – farm animals, and some new grammar – comparatives. For instance ‘This cow is bigger than that cow’ or ‘A horse is faster than a pig’. We also reviewed different adjectives for animals […]

K1.2 with Amy – May

This month we kept on learning about clothes, but this time matched them with different types of weather – eg ‘it’s hot – put on a sun hat’. We learnt phrases like ‘it’s raining’ or ‘it’s sunny’ as well as adjectives like ‘stormy’, ‘cool’ and ‘warm’. We also learnt lots of activities related to the […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – June

This month, we had open doors (which everyone did a great job at despite being very sleepy that day!!) We also did a mini-project about the beach! We read stories and learnt the different things we take to the beach. We made octopuses and practised counting their legs. Here are the songs we did this […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – May

This month we did lots of exciting things! First, we learnt how to count to 20. We sang a fun song called the number rock and also worked our way through a book called ‘Carlos Likes Counting’ about a giraffe who loves to count. We also practised farm animal vocabulary – we sang a song […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – March

Thursday 2nd Today we sang a song called ‘Open, Close’ to practice body parts and actions, very useful when opening and closing those bags and lunchboxes! Tuesday 7th Today we learnt a new song called ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, it has lots of fun actions! We also read a very sweet book about a […]

K1.2 with Amy – March

Wednesday 1st Today we kept on with our places in a town vocabulary, did a puzzle maze, matched jobs to places and started learning a new song called, ‘Places To Go’. Monday 6th Today we started work on our posters, which consolidate a lot of the work we’ve done this term – the time, daily […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – February

Thursday 2nd Today we sang our hobbies song again, everyone is getting very good at it! We also sang ‘BINGO’, practised action verbs, and read a story about a sad tiger. Tuesday 7th Today we sang a new song which Julia and I used to sing when we were younger called ‘The Hokey Cokey’ – […]

K1.2 with Amy – February

Wednesday 1st In this class we kept on with learning our party vocabulary, and we focused very strongly on saying what people like in the 3rd person – I like ___, he likes ___, I don’t like ___, she doesn’t like __. We did little sentence chains in a circle for speaking practice. Then, we […]

K1.2 with Amy – January

Monday 9th Welcome back everybody! Today we revised some of what we learnt last year and we also practised counting in 10s. We learnt a new song to help us remember the numbers and played some games to practise them. Wednesday 11th Today we welcomed a new student to the class, hi Oscar! We started a […]

P3 with Amy & Julia – January

Tuesday 10th Today we met our new teacher, Julia! We sang all our favourite songs to her to show her all the things we’ve learnt. We also read a book about 3 bears and their musical instruments and learnt a new song called ‘Can you play the drums?’. Thursday 12th Today we started a new […]