Thursday 18th

Hello!! Today we revised our safari animals from last lesson. We played the `banana´ game again and the children really enjoyed acting out the different animals. We then read a story about the jungle and finished the class with a game called `sleeping lions´. See you all next week

Wednesday 17th

Wednesday 17th

Hello!! Yesterday we revised the clothes vocabulary that we have been learning and completed a fun word search. We then played a fun game of hot potato revising all the vocabulary we have learnt over the last two terms. Have a look at the photos below – the children had a lot of fun

Tuesday 16th

Hello!! Today we revised `clothes vocabulary´. We discussed the different types of clothes we knew and then in pairs completed a fun worksheet. We will continue with this topic next week – so make sure you revise these new words at home See you all next week!!


Hello!! This month we are learning about clothes. We have made our own clothes line and used this to describe what we are wearing. The children have loved this and they are all fantastic at remembering the vocabulary. Well done everyone!!


Hello!! The start of this month we have revised the vocabulary from last term. Last week we introduced `safari´animals. The children loved playing the banana game and acting out each animal. We will continue with these theme next lesson. I hope you´ve all practiced your monkey impression

27th April

Hello!! Today we started the class with some revision of animals from last term. We played a fun game called `In the jungle´. We then tried to remember the names of all the different animals by using play dough – the children loved being creative! See you all next week!!

24th & 26th April

Hello!! This week we revised and learned – Countries & Nationalities. We started the week with basic revision of Countries & Nationalities introducing new places. We then created our own Countries – language, flag, location, money etc. The children had a lot of fun being creative and we are going to present our Countries to […]

Wednesday 26th

Hello!! Today we revised the vocabulary from last week, when we made our puppets. We then created fun bingo cards using this vocabulary. The children loved this and had a lot of fun shouting BINGO!! See you all next week!!

Tuesday 25th

Hello!! Today we started the class with singing `Happy Birthday´to Razvan We then got creative and created our own bingo cards, which we then played with. The children loved this and it was a great way to revise some vocabulary from last term! See you all next week!!

20th April

Welcome back everyone!! Today we had some fun getting back into English. We played some games to revise the vocabulary from last term and then to finish the class we read a fun story about a stripy horse See you all next week!!