Thursday 16th February

Hello! Today we started the class with a fun game of hide & seek. Claudia had brought in her pink monster so we had to find the monster around the class – the children loved this! We then finished our `The Very Hungry Caterpillar´ books. We are excited to show you them! Have a great […]

Monday 13th & Tuesday 15th February

Hello!! This week on Monday we had a creative lesson and made Valentine’s Day cards in preparation for Tuesday. The children were very creative and the cards were beautiful. We hope you liked the cards On Wednesday we revised the grammar tenses we’ve been learning and then ended the class with the game ‘slap’. The […]

Tuesday 14th February

Hello!! On Tuesday as it was Valentine’s Day we had a creative lesson. We first learnt some vocabulary about Valentine’s Day – love, cards, flowers, chocolates etc. We then made some beautiful cards for our friends and family. We hope you liked them See you next week!!

16th February

Hello!! Yesterday we continued with our topic ”I can”. We played a fun game with action flashcards and if you could do the action then you mimed it but if you couldn’t you had to sit down. The children loved this. We then did a little bit of practicing writing sentences using ”I can”. For […]

2nd February

Hello!! Today we continued with our topic `The very hungry caterpillar´. We revised the numbers and fruits and then we start our Caterpillar books. Today we completed the pages `apple´ and `pears´. Have a nice weekend everyone and see you next week

31st January

Hello! On Tuesday we revised `daily routines´. We then played a fun game of matching the pictures to the routines. We ended the class with miming and acting out the pictures.

1st February

Hello! This week we have been revising present simple, past simple and we have introduced present continuous. We played a fun game on Wednesday with these grammar points and paper airplanes. The children loved it! See you all next week!!

1st February

Hello everyone!! Today we revised the action words that we have been learning – jump, fly, run, dance etc. We then used these action words to say which animals do which action – the children had great fun pretending to be the animals! We then played a fun game with a target on the white […]

16th & 18th January

Hello! Last week we revised clothes vocabulary and in what season we wear certain clothes and why. We also started past tense – regular verbs and learnt when to use today, yesterday and tomorrow in a sentence. We will be continuing with this grammar point later today!

19th January

19th January

Hello!! Today we introduced our new topic `The very hungry caterpillar´. We revised some of the food he eats and then played a game `food & counting´. We then had fun feeding the caterpillar the food – he was very hungry today! Next week we will be reading the story together See you next week!!