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Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 27th February Today we started by doing a rhyme puzzle. Then you made 10 flashcards to help you remember the vocab. Then we played musical chairs to give our brains a break. To finish, you listened to and watched the clip from Planet Earth and put the flashcards in order. Homework Complete […]

Mollie K3 Saturday

Class Summary 25th February Today we did some work comparing animals. We played the fly swatter game, a memory game and did races.   Then we watched a clip from planet earth 2 and homework is to describe all the animals. Then you finished your comics. To end we played stop the bus.   See […]

Saturday February 25

Saturday February 25

Today we learned about comparatives. We used our weather adjectives to practice forming sentences like England is rainier than France and Argentina is hotter than Norway. We completed a worksheet together to help us remember the comparatives and then did an activity to practice word order in sentences. Finally, we looked at real weather forecasts […]

Carlit 5º/6º with Taylor

Hi all, Yesterday we had a really interesting class. We finally got started with the online story writing platform Storybird. Everyone was very focused on writing a great story in the past simple. We can’t wait to show them to you at our Open Doors!  

Brusi 2º/3º with Taylor

Hi all, Yesterday we worked with routines and the plural -s. First, we played a game to review questions and routines, for example “What do you do when you go home?” Then, we read about a boy from California and noticed that we use an “s” when talking about he/she/it. E.g. He lives in California. We completed […]

Brusi P5 with Taylor

Hi everyone, On Wednesday we had a fun class! We practiced our Tall Shops poem again and reviewed the foods you can buy in a market. You guys know a lot! Then, we played market and practiced the phrases “Welcome to the market!” and “One _____, please.”

Carlit 3º/5º with Taylor

Hi all, On Tuesday we reviewed time and started learning a new song. We created some moves for this song as well and added some new verb phrases like brush my teeth, play with toys, etc. We can’t wait to show you at the Open Doors on March 14th!

Tuesday/Thursday February 21/23

Tuesday/Thursday February 21/23

Thursday February 23

Thursday February 23

Monday 20th & Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Hello everyone, We have had a fantastic week this week learning present continuous with lots of fun games to learn the vocab and the grammar. On Monday we did first person present continuous with a game of bingo. Then Wednesday learnt 3rd person present continuous with a fantastic acting game with lots of laughs and […]