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31st March K3 with Taylor

Hi All, Today in class we talked some more about festivals and the special traditions that are celebrated at each one. Some vocabulary that came up was set off fireworks, give presents, see giants, do a “fire run” and more! Can you guess which festival is associated with each tradition? Homework is to Invent your own festival! You should talk about: When, where, […]

Wednesday, 30th March with Régine

Hi everybody, Welcome back hope you enjoyed your holiday.  Today we played a board game which involves reading and word association.  Well done. Next week we will continue with rhyming words.   Bye, régine

Tuesday 29/3 with Régine

29th March K3 with Taylor

29th March K3 with Taylor

Hi Everyone and welcome back from Easter break! Today we started our unit on festivals around the world. We learned about the Cheese-Rolling Festival in England, the Bun Festival in Hong Kong and the Snake Festival in Italy. Next time, we’ll talk about other celebrations from around the world! See you soon, Taylor  

17 mars avec Audrey

On a joué au jeu des 7 familles autour de la conjugaison. On a fait un travail d’écriture autour des verbes d’actions et on a raconté une histoire en utilisant les dés.

mardi 15 mars avec Audrey

On a révisé les émotions à travers des jeux. On a introduit le thème du temps qu’il fait. On a fait différents jeux (run and touch, bingo etc).

Tuesday March 15 with Simon

Hello everyone We had a great fun class. We went over some review about all the different things we’ve been learning. We asked each other questions about our favourite food, drink, fruit etc. Then we did a fun exercise on Easter and matching words with the correct picture. Finally we played some fun games together. […]

March 1st and 8th with Simon

Hello everyone On these Tuesdays we looked some more on body parts and got introduced to some more different parts. We did some fun exercises and worked on our colors and shapes. Then played some fun games such as Simon Says and Pictionary. Everyone has been doing a great job keep it up!

Saturday March 19 with Simon

Hello everyone We had a great and fun class. We finished working on our jobs/professions thyme topic and did some fun exercises. We worked on some matching descriptions with specific jobs. Then we did a crossword based on jobs together. It was a challenge but we were able to do it. Finally we played a […]

Saturday March 5 and 12 with Simon

Hello everyone We had some fun and great classes preparing and learning some exciting new things about each other preparing for our Open Doors presentations. March 5th we worked on our Open Doors presentations and questionnaires the students had to ask each other. We wrote down our sentences and practiced presenting them in front of […]