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Week 5: Techno Mania – Afternoons with Jess

Monday Today we played get to know you BINGO and then talked about different important inventions. We ordered 10 inventions from oldest to newest and then guessed the year in which they were invented. We talked about which was the most important and why. Then we made our own inventions using materials from home and […]

Week 5: Inspector Gadget with Bethan!

Monday 27th July Hi everyone! Welcome to Week 5! Today we played lots of fun games to get to know each other. Then we learnt about Superheroes!! We talked about our favourite Superheroes and then we learnt about what they can do – Fly, Climb, Jump, Shrink, Freeze.. and lots more! Finally we did an […]

Week 4: Future Stars with Bethan!

Hi everyone! This week we learnt about Music and Drama! We learnt the names of lots of musical instruments and how to say ´He/She is playing…´. We learnt a really fun song called ´The Music Man´ which you performed really well at the presentation! We also learnt about Drama and Acting.. We practised acting with […]

Week 4: OH’s got Talent! with Jess

Welcome to Week 4! Monday Today we played some games like get to know you bingo, spider web of names, and a drawing contest. We also started a KWL chart to communicate what we know about drama, the theater talents, etc. We shared what we would like to learn and focus on this week: theater, […]

Week 3 – Adrenaline Junkies with Rebecca!

Day 1 Hello! So today we started with some games to get to know the new students in the class. We had a look at some extreme sports and discussed if we had done any of them and if we would like to try them! We then had a look at some strange extreme sports, […]

Tom’s summer teens-week 3

Monday We started the week by getting to know each other. We did a couple of activities that got our adrenaline pumping. We then watched a video and asked each other questions about extreme sports to see if we are risk takers. We then did a survey about how we get adrenaline in our lives […]

Week 3: Ready, Steady, Go! With Amy

Monday Hello! Today was the first day of our new theme – sports! First of all we learned some different vocabulary for activities and talked about what we can and can’t do. We played a memory game and then we made a little fact-file about ourselves. After that, we learned the different parts of the […]