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Pau Casals – Wed 25th & Thur 26th March

Hello! On Wednesday we did EASTER activities. Decorating an Easter egg and Easter bunny. On Thursday we decorated our cover page for our folder – with information about ourselves. My name is…, I am ___ year old, I live in…, My favourite animal is…, My favourite food is…. Then we played games in the playground […]

Pau Casals – Wed 18th & Thurs 19th March

Hello! This week we played games outside in the sun. We played CATCH, THE FLAG and HENS AND CHICKS. We also decorated our cover pictures for our folders.

Pau Casals – Wed 11th & Thurs 12th March

Hello! This week we continued our work with Jungle Animals by creating our own zoo! We created a map and located where the ticket office, the cafe, the shop, the toilets, the first aid, the picnic tables, entrance and exit would go!  

Pau Casals – Wed 4th & Thurs 5th March

Hello! So this week with both classes we did JUNGLE ANIMALS – elephant, tiger, lion, spider, giraffe, crocodile, bird, hippopotamus, snake, monkey. We played Animal Bingo and an Animal board game.  

Pau Casals – Wed 25th & Thurs 26th Feb

Hello! So this week we learnt the Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) and the months of the year (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December) We made SEASON WHEELS  

Pau Casals – Wed 18th Feb / Thurs 19th Feb

This week with both classes we did FEELINGS/EMOTIONS – we made lolly-stick monster faces with different emotions on them. HAPPY :), SAD :(, ANGRY, SLEEPY, AFRAID, HOT, COLD      

Wednesdays with Kathryn

Happy Easter! This week the students brought their folders home with their work so far from the term. We have been working on the weather, the seasons, places in a city, and likes and dislikes. We did two projects where they created their own island with a city, and a Likes and Dislikes book. Have […]

K1 with Kathryn

This week we celebrated Easter, and practiced some easter vocabulary such as bunny, easter eggs, basket, exc. and we practiced prepositions of place, under, in front of, behind, and on, through finding easter eggs in different places of the classroom ´under the chair´ ín front of the desk´. Happy Easter!

Tuesday 24th of March- Carlit with Régine

Hello, On Tuesday we celebrated Easter in class.  We looked at some Easter related vocabulary.  We did a mini Easter egg hunt.  We reviewed the prepositions “where is the Easter egg”.  Then we played bingo by making sentences. I also handed out the reports for this term. Have a happy easter.  See you in April. […]

Monday 23rd March- Carlit with Régine

Hello, On Monday we celebrated Easter in class.  We looked at some Easter related vocabulary: basket, egg, Easter egg, nest, rabbit, chick.  Then we used that vocabulary to find all the differences two pictures of Easter egg hunts.  We did a mini Easter egg hunt ourselves. We make easter cards using the vocabulary: cut, colour, […]