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Tom’s class 28/10

In today’s class we started planning our scary stories. We first brainstormed the different types of horror stories we could write and then planned the start, middle and end of our stories.

Tom’s class 16th, 21st and 23rd

In these classes we  did activities and games focused on developing vocabulary and grammar (sentence structure, present and past verbs). This is to develop our storytelling skills getting us ready for writing our scary Halloween stories!

Tom’s class 14/10

In our next class we were focusing on magic! I taught them some magic tricks and they performed them to each other in English.

Tom’s class 9/10

In this class we talked about our favourite sports. Also we looked at the various actions we use when we do different sports. For example, kick in football and serve in tennis.

Tom’s class 7/10

In our first class we got to know each other. We also made our class rules. We included what we should and shouldn’t do in the classroom.

Tuesday 29th October

Tuesday 29th October

We have a new student, welcome to the class Kim! We quickly saw vocabulary with halloween.  Then we learned the emotions in English:  happy, sad, tired, sleepy, bored, angry, hungry, excited, surprised.  We made “emotional” jack o’ lanterns out of origami.  We also saw the vocabulary: triangle, fold, “like this?” (así?), my turn, your turn. […]

Monday 27th October

Monday 27th October

In class we practiced vocabulary of the face and the body: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tongue (lengua), horns (cuernos), hands.  Then we made monsters for Halloween made out of balloons.  We also practiced the vocabulary colour, cut and glue. Here is a picture of the project. Happy Halloween!   Régine    

Week 4 with Sinéad – P5

This week we learned about the different pets people have in our class. We made cards and played the game “Go Fish” We also learned the song “Old MacDonald had a Farm”. Sing along at home See you all next Friday

week 4 with Sinéad – 1º/2º

week 4 with Sinéad – 1º/2º

Today we learned about some scary creatures that come out at Halloween, like ghosts and vampires. We had a little Halloween party and ate lots of sweets. We also made a Frankenstein mask. You all looked very scary when you went home!!