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27th and 29th with Jessica

27th and 29th with Jessica

This week we had a Fashion Show! We explained our collection and inspiration to our parents when they came to see us on Thursday. Presenter Leti, Designer Nieves, and Make-up Artist Pau did a great job prepping us for the show, and Models Pablo (and DJ), Gina, Elena, and Carles looked amazing! Pablo won the […]

Andy´s miércole/viernes clase en Fort Pienc

Hoy es Open Doors Day en Fort Pienc. Los alumnos han trabajado mucho estes 3 meses pasados haciendo 2 projectos – música e islas fantasticas. Hoy veráis las islas que han creado en groups de 3 alumnos. Tu hija/hijo puede mostrar las materiales, tareas, y deberes hechos hoy en la aula. Este semestre han aprendido: […]

20th and 22nd with Jessica

This week we continued to practice Superlatives and completed some activities to understand the difference between comparatives and superlatives. We also started to prepare our Open Doors Fashion Show! We assigned roles in the show, learned some new vocabulary to help us complete the Show for our parents, and thought of awards to give out […]

Viernes Fort Pienc con Judy P3

The past month we have studied lots of different things in class!!! We made a poster to show some things that we liked and learnt the vocabulary for some more foods and animals. Last week the students learnt all about our faces!! They made a picture sticking on the eyes, mouth, nose and ears in […]

Tues/Thurs Fort Pienc with Judy

Lately the students have been practicing their performances for open doors and completing their written work to accompany their mini plays. We have been playing games of “Grandmothers Footsteps” or “Red Letter” in the playground to burn some energy, learn English and have fun then continue to to practice the dramas to show the parents […]

13th and 15th with Jessica

Last week we played some alphabet games to reinforce our pronunciation of letters and practice vocabulary. We had a competition to see who could think of the longest English words for each letter of the alphabet. The boys’ team won! We also started to study superlatives and will continue practicing them this week!

6 y 8 con Jessica

This week we practiced our clothes vocabulary and verbs in present continuous by creating a fashion show. In groups, we came up with creative designs to present to the rest of the class. We listened and drew each other’s styles to see who best understood!

Mon/Wed with Judy in centre

The past three weeks we have been working on our projects for open doors. The students have created small plays where they have written their own scripts and decided what happens. They will perform the the beginning and the middle of the small plays then give us options to decide what the ending will be […]


The last few weeks we have been working on sentence formation, and we finished a project about what is a friend, using ¨the Rainbow fish¨ book. Also, we learned adjectives describing a friend, adjectives describing animals and people for example tall, short, thin, fat. We also practiced vocabulary about emotions so they can say how […]