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22 and 24 of April with Jessica

This week we continued practicing our comparatives and sentence formation and started to learn about clothes. We helped to explain to the class what we were wearing, learned new types of clothing and colors, and did a word search to practice our new vocabulary!

Cursos de verano para jóvenes

Cursos de verano para jóvenes

Para los jóvenes, de 12 a 17 años, que estén interesados en aprovechar el verano para mejorar el inglés, os podemos recomendar nuestro curso Teens Summer Club, un curso que, a través de diferentes  temáticas de su interés, expondrá a los alumnos a situaciones reales de comunicación para que puedan demostrar que puedendesenvolverse como si el […]

Cursos de inglés de verano para niños

Cursos de inglés de verano para niños

  Este verano Oxford House ofrece un curso intensivo de inglés para niños de 5 a 11 años, Kids Summer Club, dirigido a que aprendan el idioma de manera divertida y natural ya que el programa está enfocado a que lleven a cabo una inmersión total en inglés para mejorar sus habilidades comunicativas y de comprensión. […]

Feliç Sant Jordi

Feliç Sant Jordi

I would just like to wish you all a very happy St George’s day!

8th and 10th with Jessica

This week we practiced comparatives by reviewing our grammar and vocabulary. We compared two pictures together in groups and played games to practice speaking with comparatives!

1st and 3rd with Jessica

This week we practiced telling time. We reviewed new vocabulary and completed lots of practice explaining our own schedules. We played games to make a human clock and challenged each other to communicate different times correctly!

Tues/Thurs with Judy at Fort Pienc

After we had learnt how to predict the future and to guess what will happen in our own mini dramas the students watched some videos to guess what happens next… I noticed that after we had spoken about the future the students were struggling with present continuous so now we are focusing on “What are […]

Fridays at Fort Pienc with Judy

The past 3 weeks we have been working on answering questions! So far “What’s your name?” and “How old are you?” With every class we try and learn a new word and do some colouring whilst playing lots of games and having fun!

Mon/Wed with Judy

The past two weeks we have been focusing on the future and trying to predict things. Last class we watched a series of videos and we had to guess what will happen next?! I have been asking the students to think about their favourite movies and what type of films they like to prepare our […]