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Fridays with Irene – Where’s Spot?

Fridays with Irene – Where’s Spot?

These past couple of weeks we started learning with a new friend: Spot.   Spot is a cute puppy that is hiding from his mom. One Friday we learnt about its first hideout:   Behind the DOOR   See you next week!

25th and 27th with Jessica

25th and 27th with Jessica

What are the different parts of a phone, and how does it work? These are the questions we answered this week. We learned and practiced some new vocabulary and verbs related to talking on the phone. Then we made our own phones with cups and string and shared some of our favorite words in English. […]

The flying egg

The flying egg

Lo pasamos muy bien el viernes pasado con nuestros alumnos de los teens groups participando en la competencia del “Flying egg”. Esta consistió en desafiar la gravedad mientras se arrojaba un huevo desde unos 4 m d altura que no debía romperse al tocar suelo. Todos los participantes contaban con distintos materiales: pajitas, papel, cartulina, globos y […]

March 19, 2013

We have been working on Can/Can´t forming questions and making sentences with the verbs, listen, fly, jump, dance, read, and others. We have also been practicing vocabulary in the house, and everyday objects seen in the home.

18th and 20th with Jessica

This week we learned TONs of new verbs and vocabulary! To help us practice and remember our new words, we took turns being the teacher and taught our classmates new verbs in the present and past tenses!

Monday/Wednesdays with Judy 10/03

This week we have been continuing with our lessons on the future. The students have been learning how to predict where and what they will be doing in 10, 15, 25 and 50 years. We refreshed our memory on jobs to predict what job they will have in the future and asking questions to each […]

Francais avec Annette (11 et 13 mars)

La routine  

Thursday the 13th with Jessica

This week we are finishing our adverbs of frequency and moving on to some new vocabulary and verbs. We are each going to practice with our own set of vocabulary and complete a teacher role play to teach our new words to the rest of the class!

Fridays with Irene

Hello!     This past couple of month we’ve been studying animals, their colours and size. We also learnt this song that we presented to the parents for Open doors:     And here you have the link to the flashcards  we use in class so you can print them and practice at home!   […]

Fridays at Fort Pienc with Judy 07/03

Today was open doors!! We ahve been learning different fruits and some animals which the children showed today!! They have worked really hard and it has been really good fun! We are going to concentrate on basic questions next, so watch this space!!