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Halloween week

Halloween week

Happy Halloween week! This week we worked on the vocabulary for Halloween, and practised it with number through this song that you can sing at home as well:   We also made these amazing masks:     Wear them for your Halloween parties!   Have fun and see u next week!  

Week 4 2º with Irene

This week is Halloween!   We reviewed and learned new vocabulary about Halloween, you made very cool skeletons and we watched a spooky video at the end:   Happy Halloween!

Emily’s Tuesday group 29/10

Hallowe’en! After warming up with some singing and aerobics in English, we guessed what was in the box – Hallowe’en pictures! Vampires, bats, spiders, witches, mummies, pumpkins and cats! We learnt how to move around like these Hallowe’en characters and had a lot of fun. Then we coloured in the pictures and stuck them on […]

October 30th

This week we worked on vocabulary about clothes and also talked about Halloween learning words about the holiday.

October 23rd

October 23rd

This week we worked on vocabulary about jobs, found out what our families jobs were, and the students drew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Marc and Pau want to be football players, Anastasia wants to be a nurse, Blanca wants to be a teacher, and Arnau wants to be a Scientist! […]

Tom´s CAE teens class 30/10

Today we focused on different types of personalities and phrases we can use to describe people. We discussed how we may act a certain way in different situations. We also did our reading assessment today. The homework was to write a reference about a friend of yours for a job.

Tom´s CAE teens class 28/10

In this class we worked on -ing and infinitive forms again. We also focused on the definite, indefinite and zero articles and when we are suppsed to use them. The homework was to complete the key word transformation exercise in your books.

Tom´s CAE class 23/10

In our last class we focused on the speaking and how to interact with each other in the exam. We were again revising our work on relationships and phrasal verbs. We were trying to integrate these words into our speaking exercises. We also started to work on the gerund and infinitive forms. The homework was […]

Tom´s CAE teens 21/10

In today´s class we started the first chapter of the coursebook ´friend or foe?´We discussed the different relationships we have in our lives and learnt some phrasal verbs connected with this. We also did a reading part 3 and later discussed Danny Wallace´s Karma army.