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25th May 2013

Today we learnt new vocabulary for activities that we could do in our summer holidays. We also looked at famous buildings/monuments that they could visit from around the world. The class also completed a colouring dictation with  pictures  of activites they would like to do,  for example  build a sandcastle, go camping.  

Lost – Friday 24th May with Ross

Today we were stranded on a desert island.  We had to choose items to take with us and explain how we would use them to survive.

Open Doors Day: Food from Around the World presentation

Yesterday’s presentation was fantastic! Great job everyone!   Here’s a link to the prezi file if you want to have a look!   I’ll soon post the video of the presentation!

18th May 2013

Today started to look at things we would like to do in our summer holidays. We listed 10 things that we would like to to do this weekend for example “I would like to go to the cinema” We then asked each other questions about what we would like to do, so that we could […]

cake pop project part 2

cake pop project part 2

We did it! This is the wonderful result of a morning of cooking and working very hard! We can’t offer you one because we ate them last weekend…delicious!  

11th May 2013

Recipes from around the world! Today the class watched short videos on how to make different foods from around the world. They then made recipe posters with ingredients  for foods they like from around the world.    

Cake pop project…the making off!

Hello! We’re having a little break from the project work and we want to explain to you what we’re doing. We are making a delicious Cake Pop recipe with chocolate,nutella and brownie! We went to the supermarket to buy all the things that we need for this recipe. We can’t explain anymore to you yet…we […]

May 9th

This week we did our Around the World Project, where the students brought information and pictures about their perfered topic and country, and wrote a paragraph about it. Ruslana picked Ukraine, where she wrote about the best food in the country, which is also some of her favorite food. Camilia picked Argentina and wrote about […]