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Friday 26th April Friday with Ross – School days

Today we spoke about the different languages we speak at school and preferences between Spanish and Catalan and then we read about a school in London where the students have 71 different mother tongues.  Then we looked at playground games and tried to invent new ones.

Saturday 13th April

Today we started our new topic  about food. The class was introduced to new food vocabulary. We also spoke  about food that we like and food that we dislike.    

Everything you could ever want to know about Scotland – April 12th

Today in class we finished our Round the World projects.  Last week the two groups chose Scotland and Italy to find out about and make presentations.  After doing some research for homework we wrote profiles using this information and then gave presentations.

Travel in green

We love travel around Europe and the world,but the environment is in peril,what we do for change it? We try to take the best ways to travel for the environment. Come to me and start to travel in green. 1) Which ways of travel do you know? Which do you use the most? 2) Travel […]

Around the World – Lesson plan by the students for the students! Enjoy :)

A SUPER LABYRINTH In this page you can see a labyrinth that invents Mickey and Millie. You have to cross to the labyrinth but you have to speak English or you miss a turn. We can play as a group or not. Everyone rolls to the dice and the biggest number starts the game. You […]


1- Read the 3 paragraphs below the instruction. Then, answer the questions under them which they are true or false. If they are false, correct them. It will has to take you 10 minutes. 2- Describe what are the children doing in the pictures next to the paragraphs. You have 5 minuts to think what […]

6th April

Today we presented our invented pet to each other. We practiced describing our pet and asking each other questions about our pet. The class also carried out a survey on each others pets, for example what their pets eat, how many legs it has etc.