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February 28th

February 28th

This week we are learning about how to give directions in a city, directions to their house, and basic directions for locations of places.  

February 21st

This week we continued learning about jobs, When they grow up… Camila wants to be a teacher and Dani wants to be a basketball player!

February 27th

This week we have been working on Daily Routines and Free Time activities. We also welcomed in the parents to class this week where each student told their family their daily routine and played a game using the new vocabulary.

Week of 18/2 – 24/2

On Wednesday,  the students created a skit for their fantasy islands. We compiled all of the grammar and vocabulary that we have learned over the past month into a series of phrases that described life on our Islands.   On Friday, each group presented their fantasy islands in front of all of the parents who came […]

February 15th and 22nd

These two weeks we’ve been practising songs about animals, colors, shapes and numbers to prepare for the Open Days!   We also started a couple of new songs: Head, Shoulders, knees and toes Open Shut Them

Open Days week

This week we spent it preparing for the Open Days and that went very good! The town presentation and the jobs game.   Well done!

February 12th and 14th

This week we practised describing the towns we made and then also new words about jobs!

Gruffalo play rehearsal and Open Days

On Monday we practised the play a little bit more and prepared the invitiations for the parents. On Wednesday we had our play in front of them and you were veeery good and it was so much fun! Congratulations to all!

February 11th and 13th. Preparing for Open Days

This week we continued practising our body parts song and the Gruffalo play for the Open Day. On Wednesday we even watched the Gruffalo movie and you liked it a lot!    

23rd February 2013

Today the class wrote about their detached house. For example what type of house their house is, how many rooms , what they do in each room etc. The class then asked each other questions about  their 3D house,  and also practised their role play ready for ‘open doors’ next week.