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2nd week-When I grow up…

The 2nd week, we decided to create a drama from the past to the present!  The students worked hard all week to create new personas, Bailey, Amy, Claire, Ashley, Nicole, Scott and Tom—all Spanish children who grew up to be great superstars!  3 models, one journalist, an actress, a DJ and an events coordinator emerged […]

What are you into?

In preparation for our presentation on Friday, we spent Thursday preparing city maps of the students new cities: Sweet Paradise, New City and Strangetown.  The students started playing BINGO with different action verbs, talked about whether they did these as hobbies or for exercise, how often and if people were able to do these things […]

Day 3, New Cities!

This morning, we started class with another music journaling, this time with the song Welcome to St Tropez.  The students looked for new vocabulary they had learned the days before and other vocabulary they recognized in the video.  They had to identify what was in the videos, what the people were doing and we introduced the […]

Sweet Paradise

One of the first new cities we have is called Sweet Paradise.  Berta and Martina worked together to create this sweet town where the Sweeties are crazy about candy and can go swimming, go to the cinema and go shopping among many other things.  We introduced different parts of cities, such as landfills, playgrounds, bus […]

Day 2, Week 1

After getting to know each other on Day 1, we spent Tuesday talking about our likes and dislikes and what we’re CRAZY about!  Some of the topics were skiing, basketball, volleyball, Beyonce, painting and music!  The students also began work on their first project, a game show drama where they create new cities and in […]