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Day 2 with Matt: Quizzes and The Present Perfect

Hi! Today we started off with two new students – Laura and Marc! In order to get to know each other better, we played a game called Tangled Circles. We were all holding hands crossed over, and we had to find a way to untangle ourselves as quickly as possible. After a couple of practices, […]

Summer Course Day two

We have some new members of the class today, so there have been some introductions. We had an “untangle” challenge game today, where the students had to untangle themselves in a circle. We then had an interclass competition with Matthew’s group – and,  of course, our class won.  We have been looking at the second […]

Summer Course Day One

Hi guys and welcome to the Oxford House Summer Course! Today was a great introduction for everyone. We all got to know each other, played some games and reviewed the difference between the present perfect and past simple. We also got started on our Fusion sports and games project. Let’s see what happens tomorrow! George

Maddison – 27/06/2011

Welcome everyone!  Today was the first day of our summer course and it started with lots of fun, laughter and smiles!  We began the class today by playing lots of games to get to know each other and become friends, it didn’t take long for you to begin working together and enjoying making new friends. […]