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26/4 & 28/4

On Tuesday, we started by singing the teddy bear song again and doing the actions. Then we read a story called “Where’s my teddy”. In the story, a boy loses his teddy bear and goes to look for it. When we were finished reading the story, we acted it out! We pretended to lose a […]

12/4 & 14/4

On Tuesday we began class, we had both classes together. We played musical chairs all together. Once we were finished with this game we played a big game of Simon Says. All of the children helped think of different body parts to touch or actions to do. Once the classes we split up, we began […]


To start class, we had a combined class again. We played duck, duck, goose to get started. Then we played Simon Says, having each child think of some action to do or a body part. After this, we played a game, I’m thinking of something in this room the color….ex: blue. Then the students had […]


Today, we combined classes and played a lot of easter games! We started class by talking about what next week is (easter) and how easter is celebrated. Then we played, duck,duck, goose. To get both classes playing together. Next we played pin the tail on the bunny. The students answered questions to decide the order. […]

April 29th, 2011

Today we reviewed animal vocabulary. We talked about where different animals live, what they eat, what they look like, and practiced pronuncing all words correctly. We then played a game in which we had to guess the order of the animals in a mystery chart by asking questions about each space, like “Does it live in the […]

27 April 2nd Primeria

This week we played lots of games to practise body parts and verbs, eg. put your hand here, put your legs here etc and the pupils took turns to move each others bodies. We played sleeping lions, using vocab like be still, you’re moving, you’re out, time-out and we played noughts and crosses to review […]

26 & 28 April

This week I have introduced new flashcards to teach ‘feelings’, the class are learning to recognise a sad dog, a silly monkey, a tired rabbit and a happy monkey.  We have had lots of fun copying the animals!  We are still learning the song, ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and I have introduced new flash cards […]

28/04/2011 T/T Group with Maddison

We started the class today by some more question phrase reviews by thinking of as many questions as we could about our favourite movies.  Afterwards we drew some simple pictures on the board to review and learn prepositions of place (under, next to, between etc).  Then in small groups you went around Oxford House to […]

26/04/2011 T/T Group with Maddison

Welcome back everybody!  We started class today by reviewing the questions forms and phrases from last term.  We brainstormed all different questions on the board to ask about our easter holidays, we then worked in small groups to ask and answer these questions.  We looked at how to form the present and past tenses of […]

April 27th, 2011

Today we talked about what we did during our holidays. Then we discussed different activities that we could do if a friend from abroad came to visit us to Barcelona. We then said if we liked doing those things or not. We practised saying if we love, like, don’t mind, don’t like, or hate doing […]