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Today we finished off our maps and leaflets for our zoos, including opening times, animals shows and lots of other original ideas. We also started our artwork for saint valentine’s day competition, where we can win prizes!


This week we had a recap, and looked at wild animals, lion, koala, zebra, bear etc. We played a game where we had to run and hit the correct card after having called it out, then the same but with moving to the card as if they were the animal.  We then pretended to be […]

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

This week, we started off with a song by Jack Johnson called the 3 r’s reduce, reuse, recycle as our song of the week, and to introduce our weekly topic of the environment. We looked at different problems that we as a planet are faced with, ways to improve such difficulties, and what we can […]

January 31st, 2011

Today we learned about Valentine’s Day! We read and talked about different things people do on this romantic holiday held on the 14th of February. We began working on a special Valentine’s Day project celebrating love. We’ll finish this on Wednesday but we need to bring a picture of our mom and dad for homework and […]

Old MacDonald’s Zoo

In today’s class, we learnt a new song “Old MacDonald Had a Zoo”.  We had lots of fun suggesting animals to go in Old MacDonald’s zoo.  This was good revision of animal vocab, which helped us to read the story “Dear Zoo”, and gave students practice of adjective + noun combinations such as “a tall […]


After the colours game and a funny “Guess the animal” game, we learnt a new phrase “How many…?” and counted different things.  This week’s class focussed on our Brown Bear project.  We finished off our story books, and made some great Brown Bear masks, which we used to practise telling the story.  Next week, the […]


Today’s class focussed on adjectives and animals.  We learnt a new phrase “How many…?” and practised saying how many animals we each had.  Then we talked about the different colours of the animals and counted how many of each colour there were.  We read a new story called “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and looked at […]

25 & 27 Jan 2010 Week 3 Canigo P3&4

This week we have continued with the Brown Bear theme.  We played Brown bear, brown bear what do you see with music.  When the music stopped the class said what animal they could see.  They also coloured the animals in their brown bear booklets.  We sang 5 little monkeys, ring a ring of roses and […]

24 & 26th Jan 2010 Week 3 Canigo P2nd

We have continued with numbers this week, reviewing cardinal numbers up to 100 and I also introduced ordinal numbers, 1st up to 31st.   We played lots of games to practise these numbers, including bingo, hide and find the number and musical numbers.  We also sang the ‘join the circle together song’ and played English […]

25th & 27th of January

On Tuesday, we read a story called, Raymonds favorite foods, which reviewed animals, colors and foods! We did a quick review of animal flashcards. Then the children were given cards with letters on them, they were asked to find certain letters, spelling out different different animals. Then we played a game, where the 2 children […]