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27th of November

To start class we reviewed ‘Caps for Sale’, shouting “Give me back my caps.” Then we read the story ‘Monkey Puzzle”, which is about a young monkey looking for his mother. The story has several different animals in it. We went through all the animals, and then acted them out. A student would say a […]

23 & 25 of November

On Tuesday, to start the class we acted as monkeys, making noises like them and pretending to eat bananas too. Then we read the story ‘Caps for Sale’. It is a fun book to review colors, counting and emotion. Though out the story, the children were asked to count how many caps the man had […]

27/11/2010 Saturday Group with Maddison

Today we continued our work on the ‘Home Life and Daily Routines’ Project.  I was very very impressed with everyone and their memories when revising the new vocabulary words!  We played lots of fun games and then made a table of our daily routines showing pictures and times of the things we all do everyday

25/11/2010 T/T Group with Maddison

Today our class began with a fun game of pictionary.  Everyone had to draw animals and pets on the board for everyone in their team to guess.  We then played a similar game but each person was blindfolded and had to draw the body parts on the animal.  This was great fun and everyone had […]

29/11/2010 M/W Group with Maddison

In the lesson today we all revised and learnt vocabulary about clothes.  We played some fun action games followed by a competitive memory concentration game!  The class finished with a quick round of your favourite game ‘draw the teacher’ although today I looked more like a snowman!!

24/11/2010 M/W Group with Maddison

Today we went crazy with the plasticine to create different body parts.  The results were very funny and everybody enjoyed this activity.  We also played a new game today to practise using vocabulary with speed and natural fluency, it went really well and I am extremely happy with everyone’s progress this term!


This story is about a supposed monster, called Nessie that had lived in a loch of Ireland for many years. Some people are absolutely sure about his existence and they tried to take photos and explain their own views, but scientists, on the other hand, say that they have proof that this monster hasn’t existed and say that […]

Monday 29th November Laia and Eulalia !!

Laia: Today I am wearing  trainers, socks, a  trousers,  2  t-shirts  and  a  sweater. I  am  very  fun  and  a  classroom  is  very, very  fun. My  teacher  is  Maddysson. She  is  very  fun. Eulalia: today i am wearing   socks,t-shirts,trainers,and trousers. Alba: Today I am wearing trousers ,socks,t-shirt and  sweater.


Today our song of the week was Sunny by Boney M. We did a running dictation then checked for the meaning of the words before singing along. We read and discovered a lot about the country Cambodia, as well as helping to build an imaginary school! We had a look at some of my personal […]

29/11 What´s your favourite animal?

Today in class we had a look at wild animals. After singing our song, we had a look at the flashcards to learn the different animals. Then the students had to guess which animal I was hiding behind my back, then shout it out. We played animal charades where we took it in turns to […]