Monday with Régine at carlit

Hi today in class we practiced halloween vocabulary: witch, black cat, vampire, spooky, monster, ghost, jack o’lantern… We played memory games and then we did a worksheet.  We listened to the song with the vocabulary.  Then we played musical chairs. Finally we made our own jack o’lanterns with orange paper. We had lots of […]

22/10 with Jess

22/10 with Jess

Today we reviewed all of the things we´ve learned so far: left and right, the alphabet, “this is” and “these are” as well as vocabulary. We started with a difficult worksheet to help us understand how to describe things that are close to us and far away. Then we talked about mystery and brainstormed ideas […]

Saturday class

today in class mollie was not here but we had lots of fun! we looked at vocabulary of the house and the rooms, we watched a video and an named all the things we could see. Then we looked at different types of houses (mansion, farm house, castle, haunted house)  and talked who lives in […]

Carlit 5º/6º with Taylor

Hi All! Welcome to our new student, Nico! Yesterday we had a great class We reviewed our activity verb phrases from last week in the present continuous form. For example, We’re speaking English. Then, we did described a picture of the Simpsons and learned even more vocabulary, such as having a picnic, picking flowers and wearing beads. Finally, we […]

Brusi 2º/3º Mediodía with Taylor

Hi All, We had a great class yesterday! First, we reviewed the countries. Make sure to pay special attention to THE United States and THE United Kingdom! These are two countries that must have “the” when you say them Next, we talked about famous people from other countries, including Usain Bolt. We talked about: He’s from Jamaica, he […]

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